why you should learn to play the ukulele

Don’t we all love good music and musical instruments? Yes, we do. After all, food is for the body, and music is for the soul. The good thing is, there are plenty of musical instruments available that can offer us the music we like. One such instrument is Ukulele. The ukulele (OO-K-Ley-Ley) is a wooden musical instrument with having four nylon strings.


The History of Ukulele:

It is similar to the guitar in appearance. However, it has a deep-rooted history. The ukulele was originated at Hawaii Island. It is said that the Portuguese brought the guitar in Hawaii first. Thus, the guitar intrigued Hawaiians to develop another instrument that looks like the distant cousin of the guitar. Thus, the ukulele was born in the 19th century.

It maintained its popularity even during World War II. However, after the 1960s, the popularity of the ukulele started to decline. This happened due to the sudden increase in people’s interest in other types of music.


The Revival of the Ukulele Industry

Interest in the ukulele was restored in the late 1990s. It was all due to the efforts of Jim Beloff and some new manufacturers who restarted the ukulele industry. Jim Beloff was an American musician who was determined to revive the ukulele.


What Does Ukulele Mean?

The instrument’s name is translated ais “Jumping Flea” as the fingers of the player seem to be jumping while playing it. While some people call it a “Jumping Flea” due to the fact that the ukulele player jumps with the passion while playing it.


Why one Should Learn and Play the Best Ukuleles.

People are easily drawn to music and the arts. As art and fashion always repeat themselves, similarly the fashion of ukulele has not faded away yet. People try to learn and play the ukulele.

There are many reasons to learn and play the best ukuleles.


1. Ukulele is an Affordable Instrument

The most important thing that comes across the minds of beginners learning to play ukuleles are the prices. Usually, people have to ponder over the prices while making a decision. However, there is good news for the beginners who are willing to play the ukulele. It’s wallet-friendly. The best ukuleles for beginners costs around $35 to $75. So, you won’t have to think twice while investing your money for best ukuleles.

Once you get to know the instrument properly, you can buy new ukuleles that are for the intermediate and advanced level. Nevertheless, the prices of those are also affordable.


2. It’s Easy to Learn to Play

Interested to learn a musical instrument? You must be confused that which instrument you should select. The answer is the ukulele.

If it’s your first time dealing with a musical instrument then ukulele is the best pick. When its ukulele in your hand, you can easily jump to the professional player level from beginners one. It has only four cords which makes it easy to learn as compared to other instruments.

Normally, the musical instruments are a bit complex to deal with. You have to be careful about the notes, rhythms, and chords. However, the ukulele is an entirely different instrument from conventional ones. The simplicity of the instrument and the strings grab the attention of learner quickly.

It is easy to handle due to its various sizes. Moreover, you will feel no pain in fingers while playing the ukuleles chords.


3. The Music as Therapy

Feeling tensed? Having a hard week? There is nothing to worry about such tensions in your life once you get to know the ukulele.

The ukulele chords produce a healing sound. Its a great source of comfort especially when you are having a stressful week. With the ukulele, you become more expressive. Its music is refreshing, sweet and pure. Plus, the music can telepath you to the Pacific Island. The great sound of its chord leaves a strong impression on the mind. It is a source of relieving stress.

4. Co-traveler: Easy to Take Everywhere

If you are a musician so must have to think twice while carrying your musical instrument. Most of the instruments become a burden for your luggage while traveling. The easiest solution of all such problems is to learn the ukulele.

The different size ranges of ukulele make it portable. Hence, you can pick the size of your choice and can put it into your luggage bag if you are traveling. This quality of ukulele makes it the best co-traveler. You can carry it around the campus, beach or wherever you want to take it. It will be there in your bag without being a burden for you.

Moreover, other than the size, the material of ukulele is easy to carry. So, you won’t have to worry about the luggage size while traveling with the ukulele.


5. Be the Soul of the Party

Just imagine if have been invited to a party as a singer. Most probably it will be difficult for you to carry all the musical stuff and the whole band along with you. So, if you come across a similar situation, pick the ukulele for the party.

Its cool to be a ukulele player. Be it a barbecue party or a born fire, ukulele never fails to impress the audience. With ukulele in your hand, you can easily be the heart of the party. Every one gives the attention to the peculiar music of Hawaii.

Plus, it makes you look friendly, approachable, and social. Getting the confidence to handle the audience is another advantage of playing the ukulele.

6. Accessible for All

Be it piano or a drum, you have to be careful while handling it if you are a beginner. This situation doesn’t arise when you have a ukulele. The ukulele is for all the ages. It can be played by anyone. It is easy to access and play.

Even the kids can learn the instrument easily. This quality of ukulele makes it attractive, accessible and user-friendly. So, if your kids are giving you a tough time during their vacations, buy them a ukulele. They can learn it in no time as the top ukuleles brands always design the best ukuleles for beginners and kids too.

10 reasons to pay the ukulele


7. Very Versatile Instrument

The ukulele is best for adapting all types of songs. Be it jazz, metal, classical or any other genre, the ukulele is song friendly. Even the complex chords can be made simpler with the help of ukulele.

Moreover, the different types, styles, and sizes of ukulele give you a number of choices. The player can easily grab the most suitable ukulele according to the audience, which is crucial to impress the audience. There are a variety of ukuleles available for players. One can choose from the shabby and rock style ukulele to a sweet and simple one. It’s all up to the demand of player.


8. The Resemblance With Guitar

Do you recall the origin of ukulele? Yes, it is a distant relative of the guitar. So, it is natural for a ukulele to look like a guitar.

If you are a guitar player so you will find it easy to learn and play the ukuleles. Its uncanny resemblance with guitar welcomes the guitar player to play the strings on ukulele. Plus, your fingers will suffer no pain as compared to the pain given by guitar. The nylon chords are soft to fingers. The ukulele exerts less stress on the arm.

If you have no experience of handling the guitar but you want to impress your friends, grab the ukulele. It will be easy to learn. You can practice the basic string game on it while moving towards the guitar.


9. Great for Songwriting

The ukulele inspires the lyricists to compose songs. They find it easy to practice and check the composition on a single instrument especially when they are new at songwriting. Ukulele gives them the advantage to check the tune and rhythms simultaneously.

You can even jam with your friends and band members on the newly written with the help of ukulele. Thus, the single instrument game of ukulele motivates the lyricists and composer.


10. Sturdy Instrument

The different types of ukuleles are made up of a variety of materials but the most common are wood and plastic. These materials make the ukulele sturdy hence increasing its durability. This is a plus point when you are a beginner.

The ukulele’s chords are similar to the guitar. So, it is easy to buy and repair them in case of any damage.  In any case, the strings are easy to find on market. You can even buy the strings of the ukulele online.

Different Types of Ukuleles:

There are different types of ukuleles that are either composed of wood, plastic or any other material. According to the ukuleles reviews, the most common types include Soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. These types are determined by the sizes of ukulele. From a 28 cm Pocket ukulele to 53 cm Soprano, the ukulele provides a wide range of sizes to its player.


Top Ukulele Brands:

There are several brands that design the best ukuleles for beginners. The top ukuleles brands provide the best quality of instrument in affordable price. The best ukuleles brands according to the ukuleles reviews are:

  • Kala
  • Amahi
  • Cordoba
  • Kahua


ukulele great instrument for everyone


Conclusion: Learning to Play the Ukulele is an Awesome Idea.

You can even wear the Hawaiian shirt, that is the big floral prints, to immerse in the scene. It can give you the real feel of being a Hawaiian ukulele musician. The music gives the sweet touch of Hawaiian aesthetics.

There are numerous reasons to buy, learn and play the ukulele. The ukulele is a great source of refreshment and fun. You will always enjoy the company of ukulele amidst the crowd or even in solitude. It is easy to handle and learn.

On the whole, the ukulele is one of the best leisure activity to:

  • learn during your vacations.
  • To relax the mind
  • To socialize and impress people.


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